SDC LAG 2008-2013


The South Devon Coastal Local Action Group was set up by local people in 2008, with help from The DR Company.  The intention was to bring new money into the South Devon area to support a broad range of projects and activities that develop and improve the local area; creating jobs, helping businesses become more profitable, providing local facilities and sustaining and enhancing the local environment.

Together, we brought in and distributed £1.8m of RDPE funding to local projects, along with a further £450k of Coastal Communities funding.

We are now managing a new programme to attract further funds to the area through the RDPE scheme for 2015 – 2020.

To achieve this we worked closely with the local community to put together a Local Development Strategy which sets out the challenges and opportunities in the area, and how funding could be used to enhance the local economy.

To find out more about these opportunities, and about South Devon Coastal LAG in general, please visit the website.

Alternatively, if you would like to talk through your ideas or have any other queries about South Devon Coastal LAG, please contact our office


Below is a list of the projects that were funded in the South Devon Coastal LAG area through the  2008-2013 RDPE Local Action Group programme.  You can also click on a pin on the interactive map to find out more about the projects.

South Devon Coastal LAG



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