Funding Delivery

We are currently assisting with the delivery of both the GD LEAF 2015-2020 and the South Devon Coastal LAG 2015-2020. This means we can help you decide if either fund is suitable for you to apply to, and we can support you during your application. Applicants can apply for amounts up to £150k for capital investment in their rural business. If you find you are ineligible for these particular funds that we are currently delivering, remember we pride ourselves on knowing what funding is available to rural businesses and if there is any free or subsidised support available elsewhere, we will always share this with you.

We have previously successfully completed the delivery of £3.8m of funding on behalf of two of these two Local Action Groups for Devon; Greater Dartmoor LEAF 2008-2013  and South Devon Coastal LAG 2008-2013.  They are two of the most accomplished groups in the country, and we helped them to invest in over 200 projects across South and West Devon.  The programme team at DR brought in the overall programmes within £1 of the original budget and completed all of the activity on time.

We at DR have the skills, experience, and robust systems and processes to meet the most stringent audit requirements to manage and deliver funding on behalf of other organisations, working to their aims, objectives and strategy. We are also an approachable and plain English team with local knowledge and years of experience helping people to apply and be granted funding for their rural business.


We are proud to have supported the award winning juice and cider company, Heron Valley in South Devon, when we helped them access funding for their business.



Recently we helped Moorwood Timber on Dartmoor to access funding for their innovative business. The funding was used to buy new equipment that in turn has increased their productivity and improved their product. Read how we helped Moorwood Timber


Take a look at our examples of how applicants have used Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund money and at our South Devon Coastal Local Action Group success stories

To find out more about our funding delivery, or to make an enquiry about our funding services, please contact


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