18 Sep

A guide to wellbeing at work for small businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have released their guide to wellbeing at work for small businesses. This is a vital component of a functional and successful enterprise but one that can often be overlooked or deprioritised amidst the mass of other, also important, priorities.

The guide covers key areas to address within your business, including talking openly about emotions, job design, physical environment, physical health, seeking support and reaching out. With tips, advice, contacts and resources this is a must read for small business owners and workers.

Read the wellbeing guide here 



12 Sep

Funding Masterclasses from the DR Company

We previously ran a series of blog posts giving tips and advice for writing funding applications and how to successfully put in a bid. To save you having to scroll through all the separate blog posts for each masterclass we have put it all together in this handy pdf! Read about the most common mistakes made on funding applications, how to work out cash flow, how to make your application stand out from the crowd and lots more!

Funding Masterclasses